Several concepts were explored to incorporate the street’s history, the art aspect, and the culture of Norfolk. Among the motifs used were revolutionary drums, magazine storages, things related to gunpowder, interconnectedness, walkability, energy, growth, and organic, sculptural forms.

From the thumbnail sketches, three were chosen. One concept proved to be the strongest, and was further refined.

This exploration led to the development of a mark that takes the shape of an explosion, a nod to the history of the lane, and also the “revolution” that this district aims to achieve in the promotion and cultivation of the arts. It also incorporates what Norfolk is known for: the Navy. This is done in the style of folded paper, which ties back to the arts with its brainstorming and idea process, and gives the vibe of playfulness and experimentation.

The name of the district eventually changed in the following months, and a new identity is developed for it.