Instacycle Mobile Application

The application, a mash-up of Instagram, Gumby and Cycle Trader APIs, shows trending motorcycle models. It pulls up user-submitted images from Instagram as well as photos shown on the Cycle Trader website. This allows motorcycle enthusiasts to see these cycles in action, and know if similar bikes are for sale or trade on Cycle Trader.

This is the second iteration for the application. The original contest entry, which was designed and developed in under 48 hours during the Dominion Enterprises Hackathon 6 could be viewed here.

View demo of the application

Changes to the application include the separation of the three categories for a better viewing experience. Instead of side-to-side scrolling, users scroll down to browse images. Clicking on the icons or swiping left and right navigates between pages.

By default, the application takes the user’s current location to find nearby motorcycle dealers. However, they are free to change to another market by providing the general state or a zip code for a more specific area.